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Buying Aged Domains
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High Quality Aged Domains

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We manually check each domain using multiple points of data to ensure a fully clean and spam free status

Wayback History

We manually check the entire domain history through wayback machine to make sure there is no spam

Domain Authority

We manually check the domain authority using multiple independent metrics to ensure high quality

High Quality Aged Domains

Natural Subnet
IP Ratios

We make sure that the domain’s subnet patterns are natural and not artificially inflating traffic records

Repurposing History

We manually check that the domain has never converted into something entirely different.

Clean Links & Anchor

We manually look at every anchor text and link pointing at the domain to ensure it’s spam free

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Frequently Asked Questions about Aged Domains

What is an Aged Domain?

An aged domain is a domain that has been used or registered in the past, usually for an extended period of time. Because of their age and previous history, these domains have already accumulated valuable and relevant backlinks.

How Should You Choose Your Aged Domain?

When looking for an aged domain, you want to choose one that meets the following requirements:

  • Has been previously used within the same industry/topic as your desired new build
  • Spam-free link profiles and anchor text usage
  • A clean WayBack history and hasn’t been repurposed at any point
  • Validated domain metrics to ensure high quality

How Can Aged Domains Benefit Your SEO?

Link building is of the factors that Google uses to rank websites in search results. There are two types of links: internal links, which connect pages within your own website, and backlinks, which link from other websites back to yours.

Backlinks can be extremely difficult to build for a new website, as they require significant networking and high-quality content that others want to link their readers back to from their own pages. They are also worth a lot more to Google and other search engines ranking your website.

An aged domain comes with all of the previous owner’s backlinks for their website. For example, if you purchase an old domain from a former furniture store, all other pages that previously linked to that furniture store will now connect to your website.

Where Do Aged Domains Come From?

Previous owners simply allow their domain registrations to expire because they no longer use them, or because they forget about their upcoming renewal. Over 158 million domain names are registered just under “.com,” so it is only natural that their owners will discard some overtime.

Where Can You Get an Aged Domain?

You can get an aged domain by purchasing it from a domain supplier or picking it up at an auction.

30 days after the domain expires, it will usually go to a 7-day auction where people can purchase it for their own use. 

For most people, purchasing an aged domain from a company selling them is the best option. This is simply because domain sellers tend to have the resources and expertise to ensure that the domain has a healthy history and nothing is lurking in its past that will come back to bite the new owners.

If you decide to purchase an older domain on your own, be sure to complete a full audit of its history, backlinks, link paths, anchor text, metrics, and previous hosting at the web address. Otherwise, use a professional service to ensure that the domains you purchase will not put your business or website at risk.

How Much Does an Aged Domain Cost?

Aged domains come with different price tags based on their history and backlink value.

Can I Purchase an Aged Domain If I Already Have a Website?

Yes. You can purchase a domain and link it to your existing website with a 301 redirect. A 301 redirect is a permanent connection that will send website visitors from one address to another.